Magical Make up & Dress up Games for Kids

Published on 2016-07-07

Magical Make up & Dress up Games for Kids

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Little girls are often considered as dolls by their parents. In their childhood they often get fascinated by dolls like Barbie and Disney princess. Its natural as such dolls are more in trend and they have a growing rate of popularity globally. However, many parents fear that their little ones might choke on such dolls; hence they prefer a visual mode where their daughters will get entertained. One can watch Barbie and Disney Princess Makeup and Dress up Collection on leading entertaining channel like Mavo TV.



There are more girls who prefer skill-based, fashion-based and other replication games which necessitate imagination. One of such type of games which are definitely created with girls in mind is the fashion baseddress up games. Fashion dress up games is those types of games which need a little fashion sense to play. In these, the player must involve in different activities to dress up a model and even do the makeup as well. These games typically have Barbie or Disney princess as models. There will also be a gathering of clothes and attires which precisely fitting to the model. The players can try these outfits on the model and see which design and color suits the finest. A precise combination of the tops and the bottoms will reveal a very eye-catching overall dress up. Then the players can also select the shoes and other accessories like jewellery, bags, purses, hats, glasses and so on. A collection of hairstyle should enhance the final touch to make the model look quite impressive.In addition to the dress up games, there are those which go further profound into the fashion world.2016-07-07_124142-229x300

There are those which even allow the players to do the makeup like apply some foundation on the faces of models making them look better and neater, wash their hair, color their eyes, fix their eyelashes and also select a lipstick color. Players might also be able to do pedicures and manicures for the models and also polish their nails making them look dashing and eye-catching. All these activities require a lot of imagination, fashion survey, color amalgamation skill and also some persistence. After all the hard work of fashion designing, trial and error and some self-judgment, the player will be able to view their final fashion creation. If the player is not satisfied she can easily try out new looks. However, all these come up as a video where everything is done automatically and your little princess can really enjoy the whole game.

So, the very next time your daughter or son if he is interested they both can watch the awesome fashion world of Barbie and Disney Princess Makeup and Dress up Collection. It will definitely make the kids very happy and entertained for sure.