About Us

Children are simple beings. Their world is clear and full of positivity and all they know about is love. Where kids are concerned it becomes quite important that they be shown the right things so that they can grow up to follow the right examples. And this is exactly we at Mavo TV focus on. We ensure everything becomes fun to learn for our children by bringing them educational yet fun filled videos that allow them not only to learn but also have the best of their time watching them.
Mavo TV is concerned about bringing the best and most suitable entertainment intended for children belonging to all age groups. Although there are a number of video channels for kids but Mavo TV is one which focuses on interesting, study based videos, games and all other entertainment stuff for children.
Children love to be involved in various activities all the time and this is why Mavo TV has always intended to introduce to children different activities suitable to their age and interest groups. Showcasing funny, entertaining and educational videos on its YouTube channel Mavo TV is all what kids what to see today.
We understand that there is just so many things a child’s curious mind wants to see and explore and that is why we have designed our video blog to bring them everything that they had ever thought about, but in a manner that kids and parents would appreciate alike.
At Mavo TV we don’t underestimate kids and their choices. We know what they like to see and how they like to see it and that’s the only way we showcase it for them. We have everything that’s kids should see so let them come to us without any hesitation at all and we’ll cater to them well.