Amazingly Funny Tom Cat- From Mavo TV

Published on 2016-06-27

Amazingly Funny Tom Cat- From Mavo TV

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In average life we all get predisposed by animations and comical characters. Similarly children too love caricatures. Especially talking Tom cat takesaway the heart of every kid regardless of their age as they find it appealingly funny as a cat who can talk. Billions of audiences have treasured tom cat and his antiques. This time MavoTV has come up with a new video called starting with talking Tom cat. It’s a unique and funny video in which Tom cat seems to show his whole day’s lifestyle with much fun and dialogue through placards.


Starting with a cute emerging scene where tom cat comes out by waving his hands. It is then followed by a meal in the kitchen where he is eating strawberries with much enthusiasm. With each step tom is communicating with his little fans as well as elders through a placard written dialogue. Then on a plate his foods are shown which is dragged into his mouth to feed him. After his lunch he wants to visit the bathroom to pee. Now one can easily enjoy his etiquettes as he shuts the bathrooms door. Then he wants play in the living room where he wants you to pet him. He requires a soft petting after which he wants to sleep and as he reaches his bed he want the lights to be turned off. With big yawn he goes to sleep. Now, how interesting is this charming video of tom cat who talks with you with a placard on which instructions are written. With such amazing video we are sure you will have a great time too.

MavoTV helps small children to get entertained. It’s a wonderful place where video of talking tomcat is uploaded in frequent basis. This particular cartoon not only entertains the children, but also keeps them glued to the channel or you tube videos uploaded by MavoTV TV. This particular video of starting with talking tom cat is a real pleasurable video and children will enjoy it thoroughly to their hearts content.