• Funny Jerry car game by MavoTV

    Hi Little Angels, At Mavo TV We are going to have so much fun today We do videos for kid for open many surprise Easter Surprise Eggs as well as Kinder Surprise from different Movies Cartoon characters such as Disney Frozen Olaf the snowman, Angry Birds, P


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  • Lovely Surprise Eggs for Kids

    Are you one of those parents who think a lot before buying any toys for our kids? If your answer is yes, then its indeed a great responsibility to look out for the right stuff that will make your little one very happy. However, one must understand that ki


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  • Learning Video Channels –A must for Every Child

    Kids are the real source of life as they play, love and dance around. Their cute little minds are filled with diverse innocent stuffs of life. For them, life is all about the golly that is unassuming to find. Kids are more allured by great videos instead

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  • Cute Nanny Games for Kids

    Little children always love surprises as they play games. Well, every game is not so happening and at times this kind of thing irritates the little ones. However, with modern online learning channels entering the scenario they are making quite a drastic c


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  • Incredible Video Games for Learning

    Nurturing children is animmense deal and the even bigger deal is to raise them up in the right way. It is a trial and more than that a pleasure if done in the right way. Bringing up children demands endurance and if your child is a pre-nursery one then it


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  • Admirable Funny Images a Must for Everyone

    The ecosphere goes fervent about numerous crazy funny pictures. It has been well-known feature that animage speaks a thousand versese quated to writings. Every single day billions of individuals do numerous silly things to become popular and some do it to

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  • New method of Entertainment- the Best Videos for Kids

    Kids are very precious to their parents.They are often known as apple of their eyes. Parents keep on doing their best to keep their little ones happy and contend. However, at times they fail. Hence they buy the best of toys, new dresses, but what about th


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  • Captivating & Stimulative Fun Games by Mavo TV

    Hello Muchkins, are you guys sitting at home and feeling bored? Don’t worry today we have something very interesting for you from Mavo TV. It’s Bubble Guppies in Good Hair Day Kids Games where the guppies having a real fight with the hair ball that is


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  • Magical Make up & Dress up Games for Kids

    Little girls are often considered as dolls by their parents. In their childhood they often get fascinated by dolls like Barbie and Disney princess. Its natural as such dolls are more in trend and they have a growing rate of popularity globally. However, m


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  • Online Educational Channel- The Perfect Pre School for Kids

    The modern educations have revived the old-elementary study patterns. Nowadays study methods are increasingly media savvy like internet based study, global schooling etc. That’s why it’s quintessential for parents to opt for a perfect preschool educat

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  • Amazingly Funny Tom Cat- From Mavo TV

    In average life we all get predisposed by animations and comical characters. Similarly children too love caricatures. Especially talking Tom cat takesaway the heart of every kid regardless of their age as they find it appealingly funny as a cat who can ta


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  • Magical Dance of Wonderful Teletubbies

    Hello Angels, ready to play? Well, well today we have an amazing video called Teletubbies dance on this old man. Well, its musical video where the Teletubbies are dancing to their hearts joy. Do you want to join them too, then come we all will dance toget


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  • Mavo TV- Children’s Entertainment Channel

    Life is too complicated with its multiple issues, but not with children who believe in simplicity. A child’s world is clear, natural and full of fun and good things. Keeping this factor in mind Mavo TV has come up with a learning channel that showcases


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  • Surprise Eggs & Its effect on Children

    Children often get excited with a packed gift or a toy? Have you ever seen their reactions? Lovely isn’t it. Worldwide kids are more excited when there birthday celebration comes. Its time when cute little hands unwrap toys in the mode of surprise eggs


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  • VariedEducation Advantages from Graphics and Visual Demonstrations

    Education platys an integral part of any child’s upbringing.Unquestionably a child’s identity gets established through initial learning. Small children learn best by trying out diverse mediums of learning. The early learning through videos makes it re


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  • Fascinating New Tom and Jerry Tractor Game by MavoTV

    The world famous Cartoon of Tom and Jerry is pretty dear to all children across the globe. Not only kid’s elders too have their fascination for the character. Giving priority to the choice and liking of the kid’s nowadays many new game based video are


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  • Effects of Surprise Eggs on Children’s Life

    Have you ever thought that what really excites a child? Well, it’s nonetheless than hidden gifts or opening of gift boxes. Worldwide kids are more excited when there birthday celebration comes. Its time when cute little hands unwrap toys in the mode of


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  • Effectiveness of Learning Channels

    Come summer and kids are happy as schools are shut down and its time for enjoyment. The most common factor of enjoyment for kids is the medium of visuals like television, videos, games,etc. However parents do worry on the kind of things their children wat


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  • Children Benefitting from Learning Videos

    The most imperative part in a child’s life is education. Certainly a child’s persona gets developed through early learning. Small children learn best by doing, experimenting and involvement. The early learning through videos makes it easy for kiddos t


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