Mavo TV- Children’s Entertainment Channel

Published on 2016-05-24

Mavo TV- Children’s Entertainment Channel

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Life is too complicated with its multiple issues, but not with children who believe in simplicity. A child’s world is clear, natural and full of fun and good things. Keeping this factor in mind Mavo TV has come up with a learning channel that showcases stuffs that excites and intrigues every kid on the block. Although there are several channels but Mavo TV has been popular widely because of its interesting, study based rhymes, games, etc. Such inspirational study based programmes or videos attract kids for sure.


For example, the Tom and Jerry games video or talking tom daily activities, rhymes with toys or angry bird games all makes quite a sense. Well, then Mavo TV has got this new video called Angry Birds 2 New Game for Kids. There are two characters called the angry bird and the green pigs. The hungry green pigs are out there for rescue and it’s your job to lead the multi-colour birds to retrieve them. This is not as easy as you think. The pigs have fortified themselves in different structures in every level. Your mission is to catapult the birds with a slingshot to eliminate the enemy pigs. You can eliminate them by collapsing the buildings near them or with a direct hit.2016-06-24_120503-1024x431

Among the way, you will find objects that will help you in your mission like TNT crates, rocks and some power-ups. In addition, there are multiple types of birds, each with a special ability. During the lower levels, the only one that’s available is the red bird. As you advance, the other birds will be unlocked. Some of their abilities can be activated mid-flight. The blue bird separates into three smaller ones. The black bird explodes. The yellow speeds up. The white drops an egg missile. The pigs don’t come in different colours, but they do in different sizes. Smaller ones are easier to eliminate, while the bigger ones require more effort. This would’ve been simpler if they weren’t equipped with armours and put in tight spots.

Now imagine what fun it will be when one watches such stuff with the kids who not only enjoy but learn to distinguish colours, shapes, animals, etc. Often parents can’t teach children many things therefore such videos comes as a rescue. Therefore, Mavo TV has come up as a great rescuer for every parents and as a friend to kids in general.